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Hi there and welcome to SitePriceCheck.com!

If you have ended up on this site then it probably means that you want to run a domain check. Now that's the technical term but what it means in layman language is that you're interested in a particular websites worth or monetary value. In short that's what we are. A Website Worth Calculator. But we are also so much more! For us the value of a website should not just be based on its Google rankings, traffic statistics and SEO statistics.

We wanted to deliver more than just a tool for checking domains, we wanted to bring users the most efficient and unique Website Worth Calculator we could imagine. We provide ALL the information you might like to know about a website. And that includes a websites value, its site ranking, the speed of its pages, domain authority, its bounce rate, web traffic statistics, which pages are indexed in search engines, Alexa graphs, website safety statistics, an SEO check, social media statistics, domain and web server statistics and a whole lot more.

In other words, we give you the most accurate and valuable information about a particular domains value that we can. If you want to buy a website, then you want to know that you are paying what it's actually worth. But calculating the value of a website is not just about buying and selling online domains. It is also a powerful analytical tool that can help you add value to your site where it matters most. For example, your page speed can be directly connected to your bounce rate.

If a page takes too long to load, visitors will click away. Online traffic is fickle, and if you think about a slow page like a traffic jam then you know how people feel about it. They want instant results so if you see that your page speed is low and your bounce rate is high, you can search for a hosting service that changes that. Here we have listed an overview of our features but if you want a better idea of the types of statistics and information we use to calculate the value of your site, then head on over to our Home page and just click on one of the links there. That will take you to the stats page for that particular site. Or you could search for the statistics of one of your favorite sites.

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We've also made sure that our site was built with a fully mobile responsive design. We want you to be able to use our Website Value Calculator no matter what device you're using, and of course we want it to look absolutely beautiful and flawless at the same time! Another thing that we've made sure of is that our site has strong cross browser support which means that whether you are visiting us using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla or any of the many browsers out there, our site will always look and work the same way! And by utilizing the power of open source technologies for our main components, we've ensured that we'll be able to keep delivering the same amazing results without it costing you anything!

And seeing as our service was born mostly from the needs of people wanting to buy and sell websites, we also have a market place. It doesn't cost anything to use, all you have to do is register with WebsiteCanyon.com! Once that's done you simply list the site that you want to sell under the relevant category, along with how much you're selling it for. Then other registered users will be able to browse the selection of existing domains that have hopefully already got excellent statistics and make their purchase. And of course you'll be able to use our tool to make sure that the site you're interested in is actually worth what someone is asking for it!

So thank you again for stopping by, we hope you enjoy your visit and that you get all the information you're looking for. If you have any problems or queries then please feel free to contact us. We're always happy to hear from our visitors and hope they'll share their experience with others!

So until next time, happy browsing!